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Fix & Flip

Revolutionize your real estate investments with our Fix & Flip financing solutions. At Davis Legacy Ventures, we provide the funding you need to turn distressed properties into lucrative assets, offering flexible terms and swift approvals to accelerate your success in the dynamic real estate market.

Fix & Flip

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Fix and flip loans are specifically designed for real estate investors involved in the acquisition, renovation, and resale of properties. These loans can be used for various purposes related to the fix-and-flip process, including:

Fix and flip loans can be used to finance the purchase of distressed or undervalued properties that investors plan to renovate and sell at a profit.

The funds from fix and flip loans can cover the costs associated with renovating and improving the property. This includes expenses for construction, remodeling, repairs, and any necessary upgrades.

Investors may use fix and flip loans to cover ongoing expenses such as property taxes, insurance, utilities, and other costs incurred while holding the property during the renovation process.

The loan may also cover the closing costs associated with both the purchase and sale of the property, including fees for title insurance, appraisal, and other transaction-related expenses.

Fix and flip loans typically involve interest payments, which are part of the overall financing package. Investors use the proceeds from the eventual property sale to repay the loan, including accrued interest.

Investors may allocate a portion of the fix and flip loan to contingency reserves, providing a financial cushion for unforeseen expenses or changes in the renovation plan.

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