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Jonathan K. Davis is a Lakeland native who works as an area sales manager and mortgage loan officer with Fluxx Funding Home Loans.

He loves working in his hometown and helping many of the people that he grew up with to achieve the goal of homeownership. One of his proudest career highlights was helping his parents purchase their home.

Jonathan finds that helping individuals and families make the dream of homeownership a reality is a powerful motivator for him professionally. It also opens new doors for clients. Whether it is purchasing a first home, a vacation home, using equity to remodel, paying off other bills or sending a child to college, Jonathan helps clients achieve significant personal and financial goals.

What Sets Jonathan Apart?

The biggest challenge in the mortgage industry is maintaining expert knowledge of an astounding amount of guidelines and loan programs. It is where Jonathan thrives. He desires to consistently offer his clients the best product to meet their unique needs.

This disciplined, life-long learner relishes the details. He takes the time to understand the guidelines, which often change with the new legislation. Jonathan doesn’t mind taking his time to ensure the product is the right one for his customer. Missing essential details may lead to poor client experiences and delay closings.


Jonathan served in the U.S. Army as a wire systems installer for nearly three years. He earned a bachelor’s degree in business management in 2000, and an MBA in 2005 from the University of Phoenix. Jonathan maintains his mortgage originators license in good standing and is a certified mortgage instructor as designated by the state of Florida. He entered the banking field in 2004 when he accepted a position at Washington Mutual Finance after his honorable discharge from the Army.

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